How to convert kindle fire books to pdf with ease

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It is without any doubt that Kindle has become one of the most popular ebook readers of the world. With so many devices out in the market, it is quite easy to see that Kindle is above them all. With Kindle so popular now a days, it is extremely hard to find a book that already doesn’t have a digital format of some sort online.


The easiest way to reach the Kindle users through your book is to make sure that your book is in one of the supported Kindle formats. ( Relative referrence: ebook formats collection)If you have a book in PDF format, you can get the services of many free third party software that specialize in converting your book into one of the supported formats by Kindle.


Then how to convert Kindle Fire books to PDF? We know that Kindle Fire books are usually in MOBI or AZW format. AZW has DRM protection, while MOBI not. If your books are in AZW format, you have to remove DRM from AZW firstly, then convert Kindle Fire books to PDF. Here we will talk about how to convert MOBI to PDF format. The tool needed is a free tool: Calibre, which is an ebook management system.

Step 1: When first running calibre, the Welcome Wizard starts and will set up calibre for your reader device.

Step 2: Conversion is a breeze. Just select the book you want to convert then click the “Convert books” button. Ignore all the options for now and click “OK”. The little icon in the bottom right corner will start spinning. Once it’s finished spinning, your converted book is ready. Click the “View” button to read the book.

Step 3: If you want to read the book on your reader, connect it to the computer, wait till calibre detects it (10-20 seconds) and then click the “Send to device” button. Once the icon stops spinning again, disconnect your reader and read away!

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