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Reading books is both pleasurable, interesting and beneficial. Reading ebooks has become a fashionable life and very common in nowadays. It is often the cse we can see more and more people carrying a portable device such as ipod, iphone, ipad, ipad 2, etc to read ebook on the go. Yes, Holding the iPad, drinking Cappuccino, the stroll iPadBBS, this is life.


In the era of mobile Internet, the greatest benefit is to enjoy sharing resources, information interaction. This large of change has been slowly seep into daily and cultural every aspect of life, more and more people have abandon the heavy and expensive paper books to the cheaper ebooks.


However, when reading ebook, we have to choose a good e-reader for us. Today here I just want to share you an e-reader-Bambook. If you have some tons of favorite books, you can directly transfer them to it. Bambook can not only support PDF, but also support the SNB, TXT, PPT/PPTX, PDF, HTML, umd, doc/docx, CHM, JPG, PNG, GIF, PPM, BMP, WPS, epub format (and a ladder for his ascent to the software support, and a ladder for his ascent software can be free on the website to download), and it will support more file format in the near future.

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